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All I Know Now

Oof, a blog. That’s new! Usually, I’m being watched…which is far creepier than being read, I suppose. Suddenly, I understand the phrase “She’s like an open book” a whole lot better! Although, this isn’t a book…it’s a blog but “She’s like an open Safari window” doesn’t have much of a ring to it, does it? I wonder if you’re reading this in my voice? Sorry, the novelty will wear off soon! I promise!

Why are you writing a blog?, I hear you ask! (I didn’t really hear you ask. I’m just pretending I did so I have an excuse to tell you! I haven’t bugged your house, honest!) I am writing a blog because as I’ve grown up, my personal strengths in life have become very clear to me. That happens to everyone, I suppose. As time drags on, the practice people put in to certain areas starts to pay off. All those piano lessons start showing in your playing. All that singing you did in the bath as a child lands you a job on the big stage in London or Broadway. All those cakes you made for friends at University, that everyone told you you’d be a fatty for, turned into a thriving business. (and those few extra pounds you put on was so not from the cakes…) Everyone learns what they’re good at and then uses it to their advantage, to make a living. Me? Singing is my thing. I am good at other things too though, like drawing and making videos but nothing exceeds my singing. That’s not to say i’m the best in the world at it, this blog isn’t just a vehicle for me to brag but out of all the things I am able to do well, I do singing the best. 

But whilst singing is a passion of mine, so is writing. As a kid I used to make up stories and tell them to my friends and more importantly my younger cousin, who believed most of what I told her. I vividly remember playing in the garden with her and hearing a plane go overhead so, I spouted some story about how flesh eating Aliens were due to land on Earth and that noise we just heard was one of their spaceships. Clearly, telling fibs isn’t equivalent to writing a blog or a novel but everyone started somewhere!

As I grew up and went to school, I spent the lessons I hated, like Spanish and Maths, writing stories into my rough exercise book. Most of them being soppy romances about the boys I fancied but let’s not get too caught up on that… My English teacher tolerated my annoying enthusiasm for creative writing and read chapter after chapter of the crap that I wrote and submitted to her for marking…yes, marking. I actually wanted a grade for everything I plonked on her desk every Monday morning. Could I have been more Hermione Granger? Apparently so because not only did I do more homework than necessary but I also used to hide in the library to get out of going to lunch with my friends so I could carry on writing. I was such a cliché. Are you cringing? I am. 

I always said I wanted to write a book but I never saw writing as a career. Just something I would do in my spare time as a delightful hobby on the side. Little did I know, the job I took on when I was 16, the job I left school for, meant that writing would be pushed aside for a long while. I was singing and I was happy but there was an itch I got when I read a book that said “You could do this too, y’know?” and it wouldn’t go away until I was bashing away on my keyboard again. 

My schedule for the next year is going to be crazy and I’m pretty sure that writing a whole, big, proper book with more than 500 words is off the cards but that doesn’t mean I can’t write at all. The main reason I’m starting this blog is because I went to an all girls private school, akin to St Trinians, for five years and it’s left me with a head full of stories that are dying to be let out. They’ve been rattling their cages for a long while and I’ve had enough of the noise and it’s time to unleash the beasts. Not only that but those school years also well equipped me with a lot of advice that I’d love to share with you all. Every day, I’m inundated with tweets, tumblr submissions, comments and letters from girls and sometimes guys, asking me advice of all varieties. Friends that have betrayed them, boys that have dumped them, girls that have cheated, exams that are stressing them out, peer pressure, bullying, smoking, self harming, parents, homework and the list goes on. Now, I’m not an Agony Aunt. I’m not pretending I can solve all of the woes that accompany being a teenager but, like I’ve always said, I can be a sisterly figure. A shoulder to cry on and a friendly helping hand. I’ll listen to you and I’ll respond in the only way I know how in the hopes that it comforts a few of you and at the very least, you enjoy the stories whether you take anything from them or not. 

From now on you’ll get an article from me every Sunday. It’ll be a story from my school years that comes with some kind of cheesy moral or it’ll be a response to a question one of you has asked that I’ve had experience in myself. It won’t all be soppy, I promise. At times I’m even hoping I’ll bring myself to be funny. Imagine that! We’ll see. Don’t get your hopes up.

So, here. For anyone who has felt out of place, forgotten, hurt, heartbroken, pushed over, walked on, confused, lost, out of fashion, off trend or is perfectly happy and just wants a little bit of knowledge from someone who’s been there, done that and got the hawaiian shorts (…you’ll see why, soon!)…here’s all I know now about knowing nothing then. 

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